Tribal Care At-a-Glance

Tribal Care, a specialty program of Tribal Solutions Group, provides the resources that enable tribal governments and their tribal-owned enterprises such as casinos and resorts, to transform member health plan costs.

We achieve these results through a hands-on integrated model that simplifies and personalizes access to health care, resulting in rapid improvements in the health, well-being and productivity of your member population.


Through Tribal Care, conventional health care functions are deployed in a superior integrated design to produce better clinical outcomes and eliminate preventable costs. We bridge the gap between information and medical management through a unique team approach to hands-on clinical care and applied analytics. We engage each member and address the individual’s particular health condition through robust, individualized care.


Tribal Solutions Group creates a proprietary, comprehensive historical assessment of your health and benefit plan to identify medical concerns and trends. We will collect and analyze your health plan data, develop a plan of care for the entire population, and interpret the findings to your decision makers. Our analysis digs deep to identify individual plan members who are not getting necessary care and puts those individuals in the right place at the right time to get the care they need utilizing the entire health care spectrum.

We work with each tribal entity to develop a customized and comprehensive health management program based on our findings and implement it with:

  • Nurse navigators work with health plan members and community providers to ensure proper medical care and implement appropriate and effective health improvement programs. Nurse navigators are nurse practitioners and providers in their own right.
  • Onsite and near-site health clinic and clinical services including development, staffing and management.
  • Effective chronic disease management programs.
  • Participation by community physicians. Local primary care physicians are included in the program and empowered through shared management, the exchange of actionable information and participation in economic rewards. All primary care physicians in a community are invited to participate.
  • Electronic connectivity and engagement strategies for optimal participation by plan members.

Our recommended solutions are flexible and can be deployed across a complete population, certain segments of your population, and with or without an onsite or near-site medical clinic.


We provide employer health management services with onsite or near-site clinics. Our onsite and near-site clinic models include customized plans of care for the health plan and individual members, employee health education programs, hands-on nurse navigators as implementers, and the participation of independent primary care physicians, all integrated through accessible and relevant data collected for that purpose.

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